Automatic Deletion of WhatsApp Messages will be Coming Soon

Automatic Deletion of WhatsApp Messages will be Coming Soon

WhatsApp has done new feature updates periodically which helps users in the aspect of user experience, security improvements. Also, they are providing frequent update on important bug fixes.

There is one important and more useful feature to users which coming soon in their next updates, no exact release date announced, which is featured to delete the individual contact chat and group chat automatically based on the certain time period which we set.

The Feature which is Automatically delete the messages at the certain time interval will be named as “Delete Message”.  Current this feature implement in their latest Beta Update, soon expected in main update.

This option will be shown in Individual Contact Settings, and Group Setting, you can go to the setting by simply tap on Contact Name or Group Name which shown at top, after opened the chat window.

Note: Group Admin can only see this feature and enable it. Others couldn’t.

Here, you can see Group settings link, tap to it, will find the Delete Message option soon.

Tapping on Delete messages will open the dialog which ask to schedule certain time to delete chat messages automatically.

You can use any one option to delete the messages automatically. We hope this feature coming soon for everyone use. Already development completed and available to use in latest Android WhatsApp Beta update. 

Surely this feature will reduce the headache of cleaning the older messages manually and clean your chat window and gallery with required chats and media files.

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