Homemade Hair Pack to stop Hair Falls! Beauty Tips in Tamil

Best Homemade Hair Pack to Stop Hair Falls

Homemade Hair Pack to stop Hair Falls! Beauty Tips in Tamil

In this article, I’m going to tell the very simple process to prepare a homemade hair pack. Also, I have uploaded the video about how to make a simple homemade hair pack that stops hair falls and many other advantages, then how to apply this pack on YouTube Channel. You can check my beauty tips video in Tami on the YouTube channel. You can also check this video down in this article. This is a very simple hair pack, purely organic, and made using the easily available ingredient from everyone’s home.

Before proceeding with steps to prepare the hair pack, I’m telling you some benefits to use this hair pack.

Those benefits are,

  1. Reduce hair falls.
  2. Stops dandruff
  3. Helps to hair growth
  4. Makes hair stronger and healthier.
  5. Scalp Issues

You can check the following video on my YouTube channel (Beauty Tips in Tamil)where I have explained the steps for how to prepare a homemade hair pack that solves all hair-related problems explained in the Tamil language. Those who can understand Tamil would watch the video below. If you are not understating Tamil, read this blog, here I have mentioned the steps to prepare a homemade hair pack.

Homemade Hair Pack to stop Hair Falls! Beauty Tips in Tamil

The main ingredient is “Fenugreek/Methi (Venthayam in Tamil)”.

Steps to Make Homemade Hair Pack to stop Hair Falls

Step 1: Take the required (4 spoons for girl’s hair) quantity of Methi and put it in a bowl.

Pour some water inside the bowl until the Methi seeds completely drown.

Step 2: The soaking process needs approximately 12 hours. Then only Methi completely soaked and would become easy to grind it.  

After 12 hours, or you can soak it a night before a day, so this would be in the best condition by morning.

Step 3: We have to grind to make it like a paste using a smaller mixi jar. We can add some extra water if required while grinding like a paste.

Step 4: Once grained completely, move the paste from the jar to a separate bowl.

That’s it. Now you can start to apply the hair pack paste inside your hair and the scalp.

Once applied, wait for 30 mins to 1 hour, then take a hair wash. If you easily get cold, then reduce the waiting time.

Tips: Apply this hair pack weekly once, monthly 4 times to get the real benefits.

Final Words,

I hope you guys will try this simple homemade natural hair pack by following the steps in this blog or my YouTube video. So guys please do subscribe to my blogs and channel. Thank you for reading and watching.

You can check my other health and beauty tips on my channel also I will post the blog soon.

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