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.NET Framework comes to end

Microsoft has decided to stop the new development for .NET Framework. .NET Framework 4.8 will be the last major version of .NET Framework.  There focus will be on .NET Core. With the .NET Core 3.0 release in September 2019, all new .NET applications should be based on .NET Core. If we have existing .NET Framework applications that we are maintaining, there is no need to […]


PayPal Direct Payment API integration into your website

Direct Payment Direct payment API provides the way to do the PayPal payment from your website. This payment action will happen in background at the time customer will stay in your site itself. The simple screen shots that explain the work flow about direct payment, Follow the below steps to integrate the PayPal into your […]


Azure Virtual Machines Vs Azure App Services

Many developers getting confusion on choosing Virtual Machines over Web App services in Azure. Virtual Machine and Web App services each have their own advantages and disadvantages. Virtual Machines vs App Services Find the listed all pros and cons of Virtual Machines and App Services . Azure Virtual Machines – Pros and Cons This is […]


Google Authentication in ASP.NET Core Application

Introduction In this blog, we will see how to authenticate the ASP.NET Core application with Google account. To achieve this, we have to setup the Google+ API in our google developer console then configure that client credentials in our ASP.NET Core application. Setup Google Developer Console To setup google developer console, follow the steps given […]


Security Best Practices for Web Applications

Introduction Security is one of the important areas, we should consider while developing web applications. In real time, there are lot of security related vulnerabilities. Here we can discuss about steps which we need to take to avoid these security related vulnerabilities while developing web applications. Below are the topics will be covered under this […]

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