How to secure WiFi network?

How to secure Wifi network

How to secure WiFi network?

WiFi is the common term now a days which will be used by all people. Do you guys think about what WiFi stands for. I guess most of us don’t aware about it. WiFi which stands for Wireless Fidelity and any how knowing this technical expansion nothing helps you rather than the general knowledge. But in this article, Im going to explain about the most important thing which everyone should aware before using WiFi network. That is security, yes i have explained the best practices to secure WiFi network and stop hackers from cracking your passwords.

Here, some best ways to secure WiFi network,

Using Strong Encryption Security Protocol

  • Wi-Fi network connection uses following types of security encryption protocols. Those are,
    • WEP,
    • WPA,
    • WPA2, and
    • WPA3.
  • Here WEP encryption is older which introduced in 1997. Since its too older and used simplest encryption algorithm. So, its encryption can be easily cracked.
  • Hence password of Wi-Fi network which used WEP encryption security type can be easily cracked by Hackers.
  • So, don’t use WEP encryption. Move to WPA/WPA2/WPA3
  • The other encryption type is newer and used strong encryption algorithm. So, it is difficult to crack the password of Wi-Fi networks which used encryption type WPA/WPA2/WPA3.
  • Here WPA3 is newer which releases in 2019, so you might not find this network, this will be available with newer router.
  • It doesn’t mean using WPA/WPA2/WPA3 will stop hackers from cracking your WiFi passwords, it just used stronger encryption algorithm which takes more time for them to crack your passwords.

Note: You can find the encryption security type in any connected device, by just clicking the setting of connected WiFi network, if show all the details about the connected network.

Example: I have connected my Wi-Fi with windows machine, so to find the encryption security type, go to properties of connected Wi-Fi network.

Wifi Connection
Wifi Connection

In property window, you can find the security type option, here its WPA2.

Security Type

Disable/Off WPS feature in Router

  • We should disable the WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Setup) feature in WIFI router.
  • This feature does not come with WEP encryption, rather coming in WPA/WPA2 encryption security types routers.
  • WPS is a feature which allows users to connect to the WIFI internet without password or by entering 8-digit PIN.
  • Example, both the router and devices like printer have WPS push button, we need to on the button in both, so both can be connected to Wi-Fi without password.
  • Another example, where router comes with WPS push button, but device done have push button, but it has WPS feature support. This time you can find the 8-digit pin for WPS in router configuration page, you need to use that 8-digit pin to connect device.
  • Hacker use simple brute force attack to crack the WPS pin which can be used to connect to the WIF network when WPS button enabled. To disable the WPS feature, you just turn off the WPS push button in router.

Use Recommended Password

  • So, I already mentioned using WPA/WPA2/WPA3 using strong algorithm doesn’t mean it’s impossible to crack the Wi-Fi password by hacker, It’s only delay to process of cracking your passwords.
  • Example, if you use password with only numbers and length 8. So, this will be less time-consuming process to hacker, they just have less combination of word-lists using 0 to 9 number. So, it’s very easy to crack the password in an hour.
  • Same applies if use password with only smaller case, or only with capital case and smaller length.
  • So, its recommended to set the Wi-Fi password with the combination of smaller case (a-z), capital case (A-Z), numbers (0-9), and symbols (‘@’, ‘$’, ‘;’,”!”, “%” etc.)
  • Also, length of the password should be 12 to 16.
  • So, it’s difficult and practically impossible to hackers to crack your password if you set passwords like this.
  • Also don’t set passwords which can be guessable by anyone, usually hacker try to gather some basic information about you before try to crack your passwords. So, if it was set to guessable one, so the combination they try might be less, and this leads them to crack your passwords in less time.
    Example, your name, your close one name, phone number, company name like this are guessable one.
  • Don’t uses commonly used passwords like 12345678, qwerty, qwerty123, 1234, etc… in online you can find lakhs of these kind of common passwords, so the hacker must have these predefined and use simple brute force attack to crack your password.
  • Keep changing your passwords at least 3 months once.


So, I’m summarizing the key points to secure WiFi network here.

  • Don’t use WEP and use WPA/WPA2/WPA3.
  • Disable WPS feature in router.
  • Use Complex combination of password with of smaller case (a-z), capital case (A-Z), numbers (0-9), and symbols.
  • Don’t use guessable or commonly used passwords
  • Swap your passwords at least 3 months once.

I hope this article helps everyone to know some best practices which should follow to secure WiFi network. Happy and Secure Browsing!

He is a product manager at a reputed software company and a freelance blog writer. He is experienced in different technologies, web securities, and web applications. He keeps learning and make himself up to date on the latest technologies, news, health, and fitness. This encouraged him to share his experiences by writing articles.

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