Security Precaution should take on WhatsApp

Security Precaution should take on WhatsApp

1. Enable Two Step Verification

Two Step authentication is nothing, but it second level of authentication will ask you to enter the 6-digit pin code to register your phone number to set up WhatsApp.

First you use your phone number, then 6-digit code which you configured.

To can enable the two-step authentication feature,

Menu (3-dots) > Settings > Account > Two-step verification > Enable

It will ask below details

  1. Enter 6-digit code to easily remember
  2. Provide the email address to recover the code.

This will avoid someone else to use your WhatsApp account without your permission. Once you enabled two-step authentication, if you reinstall the WhatsApp to the same phone, or your installing the WhatsApp to new phone, while you try to register the phone number, it will ask to enter the 6-digit code to complete the registration and proceed to use WhatsApp. Also, each time you open the WhatsApp application, it will ask to enter the 6-digit code to use WhatsApp.

2. Security code verification

WhatsApp encrypts all the chats conversion by default. Even though WhatsApp encrypted all the chats, it will be good practices to ensure that whether the conversion will be encrypted properly, while sending confidential information like card details, passwords, pin number, bank account details, etc.  

To verify the Security code, you first must initiate the chat with the person who you want to share the confidential information or any conversions. Then tap on contact name at top, select the Encryption option, or 3 dots menu at right corner then select Verify security code. This will open the screen like below,

You need to scan the QR code of person who you want to chat, by selecting scan code option. Also, you can verify it by comparing the 40-digit number.

3. Security Code Change Notification

As said above, each conversion or calls which you make with the one contact will be end-to end encrypted. You can verify the encryption by double checking it using the above steps. There are the possibilities that these 60-digit verification code will change. This is likely because you or your contact reinstalled WhatsApp or changed phones. Even though, you have not getting notification, the calls and messages are encrypted.

You can enable the notifications when security codes change:

  1. Open WhatsApp Settings.
  2. Tap Account -> Security.
  3. Enable security code change notifications by tapping Show Security Notifications.

4. Stop Cloud Upload of WhatsApp Backup

WhatsApp doesn’t encrypt the backup file which stored in Google Drive or iCloud even though they encrypted the conversion. So, it’s not recommended to store the backup file to cloud storage. Because unencrypted (plain message) file will be stored in cloud backup. If any hacker get access to the backup file in cloud, they can easily read the conversations.

To stop automatic cloud backup uploads, Menu (3 -dots) -> Settings -> Chats -> Chat Backup -> Backup to Google Drive > Never

In iPhone, WhatsApp -> Settings -> Chats -> Chat Backup -> Auto Backup -> Off

5. Avoid Spam Messages and Unofficial WhatsApp applications

It’s usual we get spam or unwanted messages to our inbox which related to WhatsApp or anything. We should simply ignore those messages, don’t click and proceed the link which stated in the spam messages. They usually talk about offers, free, or pay for WhatsApp premium. Note: WhatsApp will be free to use always, they won’t charge anything from us forever.

Also, we should stay away from unofficial WhatsApp application. If you install these unofficial app, which can get complete access to your WhatsApp account. It possible they can misuse that information. So, it’s recommended only to install the application which recommended by WhatsApp.

WhatsApp is banning accounts of users temporarily that use modified third party app versions like WhatsApp Plus and GB WhatsApp.

6. Privacy Settings Update

WhatsApp allows you the change your below Privacy setting,

  1. Access to you profile image
  2. Your Last seen time
  3. Restrict to see about text and status to others
  4. Read receipts
  5. To add into Group
  6. Block and Unblock contacts

WhatsApp Desktop App

Its recommended to use WhatsApp Desktop App instead of WhatsApp web. The reason is desktop app is safe and secure compared to Web. You can download the WhatsApp website app from the below link.

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