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Top 5 Free Cloud Storage Providers in 2021

The world is now emerging towards cloud technology in recent years, and this effect pushes people to move towards cloud options. So, I’m writing this article about cloud storage and the top 5 free cloud storage providers that offer cloud storage space free of cost. Before that who doesn’t know about cloud storage, and wants […]


Chromecast vs Fire Stick – Comparison and Which one is Best?

Before getting to know the difference between Chromecast vs Fire Stick, it is must to know what for these devices are. Both Chromecast and Fire stick are devices which can be plugged into TV HDMI Port, so your basic TV become Smart TV. So, convert your normal TV to smart TV is the only job […]


Google Authentication in ASP.NET Core Application

Introduction In this blog, we will see how to authenticate the ASP.NET Core application with Google account. To achieve this, we have to setup the Google+ API in our google developer console then configure that client credentials in our ASP.NET Core application. Setup Google Developer Console To setup google developer console, follow the steps given […]

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