5 Things should do before going to Gym

Must do before going to Gym

5 Things should do before going to Gym

Now a days everyone likes to be fit, so people started to go to the gym to maintain their fitness. There are some basic things we should be aware of before hitting the gym.

This thing will be applicable to all people includes beginners, already trained or experienced persons, and old age people. The thing here I’m meaning is some precautions you should take before going to the gym.

  1. Never go to gym with empty stomach -This is basic mistake most of the people doing even though trained one are doing the same mistake.  If you do workout with empty stomach, this will make you to prone to fatigue.
  2. Eat some food with carbohydrates content – You should intake some carbo content before workout, this will take less time to digest, and give some energy to do workout. You can eat fruits like apple, banana to give some energy to do workout.
  3. Don’t take heavy food before going to gym – You should give some gap between at least 2 to 3 hours after had heavy meal. This will maintain your body sugar level. There might be a chance to have heart attack, if you do workout soon had heavy meal.
  4. Do Warmup – It’s important to do some proper warm up before starting the actual work out. Its preferable to have trainer, until you learn basics. Its enough to do some simple stretching exercises, this will loosen up your hands, legs, and other part of body.
  5. Check your Blood Sugar Level: This will be important for diabetics’ patients or person who have low blood sugar level. Because working out in gym decreases the blood sugar level, this will cause you to feel week, fainted, and very low blood sugar level can cause unconsciousness.  Taking carb content food is good solution to keep your energy level normal.

Note: If your having any medical problems or taking any treatment, you better should consult your doctor before proceeding to the gym.

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