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Economy General News

SBI Card Fee and Charges – Latest Update 2022

SBI Card has informed the following consideration on the Fee and Charges regarding Overdue Finance Charge and Statement Retrieval Fee w.e.f. 01 Aug 2022 and 01 Sep 2022 respectively. Overdue Finance Charge will discontinue Effective from 01 Aug 2022, SBI Card will discontinue the ‘Overdue Finance Charge‘. What is Overdue Finance Charge? The charges SBI […]

General News

What plastic items will be banned in India from 1st July 2022?

India will ban plastic items from manufacturing to sale and use. This plastic ban will come to nationwide act on 1st July 2022.  This ban includes importing, stocking, and distributing plastic items. Here is the list of single-use plastic items applicable to this ban. Here is the list of single-use plastic items that will ban […]


Best Blue Star AC In 2022 – 1.5-Ton, 3-Star AC – VNU Vs DNU Comparison

In my earlier article, we have seen the comparison between the best BlueStar 5-Star AC that launched in 2022. The models DLU and VLU are the best in the 1.5-ton 5 -star range AC in 2022. I have compared both the VLU and DLU models, and one more FLU model. In this article, I have […]


Best Blue Star AC in 2022 – 1.5-ton, 5-Star AC – VLU vs DLU Comparison

Blue Star, The name is popularly known for AC. This is the most popular/trusted brand for AC in India that has to do production only on AC unlike some other known brands LG, Samsung, and Panasonic, which are making different products. Blue Star has produced good build quality AC and provides the best after-sales services. […]


Panasonic AC 1.5-ton 2022 Models – Features Comparison

Panasonic is the more popular brand for AC, they claim the number 1 AC brand in Japan. So I have decided to do some comparisons between the AC models introduced by Panasonic. It has released some new/updated versions of AC in 2022.  As a normal customer, this will be a difficult job to understand the […]


QD OLED Samsung Explained – QD OLED vs OLED Comparison

When OLED was introduced, we all said that would be the best ever technology. Yes, that word stayed till 2021. Now it’s time to go beyond it, we are going to see the best ever technology than OLED. Samsung unveiled the new tech called QD-OLED.  Somehow Samsung’s QLED and Neo QLED compete with OLED, but […]


No Android 12 Support for OnePlus 6 and OnePlus 6T

Unfortunately, this will not be good news for the OnePlus 6 and OnePlus 6T smartphone users. OnePlus officially announced its end-of-life support for the OnePlus 6 and OnePlus 6T smartphones. Moreover, we will not get Android 12 and new security updates for Android 11. OnePlus 6 and 6T end their 3-year support and maintenance cycle […]

Technical Technology

Microsoft Released IndexNow Plugin – How to Add IndexNow to WordPress?

Microsoft recently released IndexNow Plugin for WordPress. This Plugin simplifies the process of submitting the URLs to search engines.  In this article, I will share the details about the IndexNow plugin, and its features, and how to install/activate this plugin to your WordPress site. What is IndexNow Plugin? IndexNow Plugin for WordPress enables automated submission […]

Technical Technology

Tips to Improve Productivity in Chrome – What’s New in Chrome

Let’s see some useful tips to improve productivity in chrome, these productivity tips are introduced in the latest chrome update. To get these productivity updates, make sure your chrome is up to date. If you are using an older version of Chrome, you should install the latest version of Chrome(v96.0.4664.45). 1. Link Sharing that navigates […]


How to Create PFX File?

We have already seen a few articles about SSL certificate related CSR requests, Complete Certificate, export PFX certificate files from Windows Server, and extracting Private Key from PFX files. If you are familiar with Windows Server IIS Manager, you can follow my previous article to generate the PFX file. Would you want to know how […]


MI 75 Inch QLED TV Price, Spec, and Review – Is Worth to Buy?

The Xiaomi MI India has known for producing an economical range of TVs, and they are also holding the number 1 position in India’s smart TV market for over the last 3 years. Xiaomi has already begun to produce premium category TVs under this category, they have launched MI 75 Inch QLED TV in the […]

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