QD OLED Samsung Explained – QD OLED vs OLED Comparison

QD OLED Vs OLED Comparison

QD OLED Samsung Explained – QD OLED vs OLED Comparison

When OLED was introduced, we all said that would be the best ever technology. Yes, that word stayed till 2021. Now it’s time to go beyond it, we are going to see the best ever technology than OLED. Samsung unveiled the new tech called QD-OLED.  Somehow Samsung’s QLED and Neo QLED compete with OLED, but QLED failed to be superior to OLED in generating deeper blacks. Samsung introduced new rivalry tech with can compete and even beat current OLED tech. Samsung announced its new tech QD OLED at CES 2022 Event. Let’s see a more detailed view about Samsung’s QD OLED Tech and What makes it different from OLED, the complete comparison view between QD OLED vs OLED.

What is QD OLED?

The “QD OLED” name refers that it will be the hybrid of QLED and OLED Techs. Here QD refers to Quantum Dots and OLED abbreviation of Organic Light Emitting Diode.  QD OLED display will use OLED to emit the light and use Quantum dots particles to improve the brightness and color.

QD OLED Diagram
Diagram of QD OLED (Image Credit: Samsung)

QD OLED Features

  1. Perfect Blacks/Dark.
  2. Wider range of colors and high peak brightness.
  3. High Contrast ratio of 1,000,000:1
  4. Wider Viewing Angle.
  5. Flat Panel
  6. Function efficiently.
  7. Best suited for Human Eye.

QD OLED Drawbacks

  1. Expensive.
  2. New Tech which will not test in real time yet.
  3. More prone to Burn-in than conventional OLED, but not proven yet.
  4. Shorter Lifespan compared to OLED, because of using blue organic material instead of red and green material which used in conventional OLED.

How QD OLED Works?

QD OLED uses both the OLED material and Quantum Dots material to produce the picture.  The stack of blue OLED material illuminates the quantum dots that contain red and green colors.

Three sub-pixels with different colors are combined in each OLED pixel. The blue color subpixel has original blue OLED material, red color and green color subpixels have quantum dots that are tuned to respective colors. These three subpixels combine to create pure white light.

Structure Diagram QD OLED
Structure Diagram QD OLED (Image Credit: Samsung)

Is QD OLED better than OLED?

The answer is Yes.

QD OLED is the hybrid of QLED and OLED tech. QD OLED uses Quantum Dots particles over the light emitted by OLED material to produce the high contrast and best picture quality. Hence QD OLED can produce a better picture than OLED.

QD OLED vs OLED Comparison

Let’s see the comparison table between QD OLED vs OLED.

AbbreviationQuantum Dots Organic Light Emitting DiodeOrganic Light Emitting Diode
Technology UsedQD OLED display will use OLED to emit the light and use Quantum dots particles to improve the brightness and color. The OLED and Quantum Dots produce the true white light.This technology uses an organic light-emitting diode to emit the light to produce the picture. The diode emits blue and yellow light that combines to make white light. This white light passed to a color filter that formed with red, green, and blue pixels.

Sony has already released its first QD OLED TV. We can expect LG to soon adapt to this tech and produce TVs.
LG, and Sony.
Picture QualityBest Picture Quality.OLED was the market leader in producing the best picture quality until QD OLED comes.
Viewing AngleBest Viewing angle.QD OLED beats OLED by having a larger viewing angle.
Contrast RatioHighest Contrast Ratio – 1,000,000: 1Up to 100,000: 1
HDR Color ContrastColor contrast is great.Color contrast is best, but QD OLED wins the battle.
Suited AmbienceIdeal for nighttime, it produces a pure form of darks/blacks.Ideal for nighttime, it produces darker than QLED TVs.
Resolutions4K resolutions are planned to come in the 2022 year.Available in 4K and 8K resolutions.
ManufacturesSamsung has made announcements for QD OLED and making their TVs using tech that is expected in the market in the midst of 2022.  
Sony has released its first QD OLED TV recently A95K QD-OLED. It bought the QD OLED panels from Samsung.
LG is the only one who is manufacturing OLED displays.

The OLED TVs are produced by the market leader LG and Sony.  


From the above comparison, we can clearly understand QD OLED is superior to OLED that offers the best picture quality than conventional OLED TV. I hope this article explained QD OLED in simple words and has more useful information.

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