MI 75 Inch QLED TV Price, Spec, and Review – Is Worth to Buy?

MI 75-Inch QLED TV Price, Spec, and Review

MI 75 Inch QLED TV Price, Spec, and Review – Is Worth to Buy?

The Xiaomi MI India has known for producing an economical range of TVs, and they are also holding the number 1 position in India’s smart TV market for over the last 3 years. Xiaomi has already begun to produce premium category TVs under this category, they have launched MI 75 Inch QLED TV in the mid of April 2021. This is the most expensive TV version so far, they produced however it is economical in the 75-inch QLED range.  It’s been almost 7-month since this TV release, I feel this is the right time to revisit this TV price, specs, reviews, and importantly spending money to buy this TV is worth it now? Let get started with key spec, reviews, and price of the MI 75 Inch QLED TV.

Key Specs to Consider

  1. The Large 75-Inch Size one can enjoy the theatre like experience. This is really massive in size with the length of 167.35cm and height of 97cm.  MI refers this 75-inch TV size is equal to the area of two 55-inch TV and 6 times of 32-inch TV.  Now you can guess the actual size of MI 75-Inch TV.
  2. 4K QLED Display
  3. This TV supports advanced HDR Technology like Dolby Vision, HDR 10+, HDR 10, and HLG.
  4. 120Hz Refresh Rate offers seamless experience while watching live stream.
  5. 192 Zone Full Array Local Dimming produces deeper dark and great colour contrast.
  6. 30W Dolby Audio with 6 Speaker.
  7. Latest PatchWall with Android TV 10.
  8. HDMI 2.1 Compatible.
MI 75-Inch QLED TV
MI 75-Inch QLED TV (Pic Credit: mi.com)

MI 75 Inch QLED TV Price in India

Xiaomi MI India launched this TV in April 2021 at the price of Rs. 1,19,999. But now MI 75 Inch QLED TV is selling at the cost of 1,27,999 in Xiaomi Store both online and offline. You can’t get no-cost EMI offers and other cashback offers for some selective cards.

What is the Price of an MI 75 Inch QLED TV in India?

MI 75 Inch QLED Price is Rs. 1,27,999 in Xiaomi Online and Offline Store in India.

I highly recommend buying this TV only from Xiaomi online or offline stores to get genuine products. Moreover, you can visit the nearest offline stores to enquire about the offers price/cashback or check out the online store link,


MI 75 Inch QLED TV Reviews

Here I have listed my reviews based on the TV specs and other people’s reviews about this TV.  Based on this you can decide the worth of buying MI 75 Inch QLED TV.

Size Factor

This is huge in size, so the experience of watching movies at home will be an awesome one. You will really feel a theatre-like experience at home. Those you want to go bigger TVs, you can definitely go with it without second thoughts, you will never regret it. Ultimately you will be more satisfied to watch the movies on a bigger screen most of the time, and you will not be going to worry about other missing features.

QLED Display

The 4K QLED display is a great addition to this model. QLED is the improved technology over traditional LED and it uses quantum dots particles to produce a better picture. To know more about QLED tech, check this article. QLED 4K resolution offers the best viewing experience and picture quality than 4K LED, but not beat Mini QLED and OLED.

HDR Content Support

This TV supports most of the advanced HDR technologies like Dolby Vision, HDR 10+, HDR 10, and HLG. So, you can enjoy all the HDR content available online. The techs like HDR 10+ or Dolby Vision are the premium features that included in this price range is great.

Refresh Rate

The 120Hz refresh rate is something you will not find TVs come in this price range. Most of the TVs in this price segment offer a 60Hz refresh rate. 60Hz itself is more sufficient to enjoy the live stream, but 120Hz gives the stunning live stream experience. However, The Mi QLED TV 75 supports up to 1080p (Full HD) video streaming at 120fps, and this TV doesn’t support 4K video streaming 4K at 60fps due to hardware limitations. Even though, you will get the upscaled 4K videos streaming at 120fps using Reality Flow 120(MEMC).

Full Array Local Dimming

Another key thing to notice is the Full Array Local Dimming feature that is only available with premium models. This TV has 192 local dimming zones to produce deeper dark colors, great contrast, and stunning colors.

Brand Value

Xiaomi is the number one smart TV selling brand in India for over the last 3 years, that producing their premium range TVs under the MI subbrand, you need not worry about the build quality made by this brand because this brand yield good name over the year. However, you can’t compare this with other premium brands like Sony, Samsung. Sony and Samsung produce TV with better build quality and offers more premium features, but you should spend more money to go with that. But Xiaomi offers MI 75 Inch QLED TV with required premium features an unbelievable price tag at Rs 1,27,999.


I hope, you have got a clear idea about MI 75 Inch QLED TV price, Spec, and Reviews. As I stated above, this TV is only for those who are looking to go for a bigger size TV. If you are happy to go bigger and can afford the price 1.2Lakh. Do not hesitate to pick this one, this will be the good option in this price range. You couldn’t find TV models in current market from other brands that match 75-inch size, 4K QLED with premium feature in this price segment. If you are not attracted to a bigger size, you have lots of option to go, you can check my other article that explains best things to consider before purchasing TVs.

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