Top 10 mistakes should avoid while buying LED TVs 2020

Top 10 mistakes should avoid while buying LED TVs 2020

Recent days it is not that much easy to buy any electronic things, if comes to TV its very difficult job to decide the right one for you home. TV is the most important thing to everyone which next to mobile. It is worth to spend few extra money to buy that TV, really it makes you happy always, It never disappoints you unless you bought some wrong TV. So it is better to spend some time to investigate on TV before you buy it. Here I have listed some key factor and mistakes I faced while looking to buy new TV. You will get better idea, once you walk through it.

1. Confusion between OLED vs QLED vs LED

First, you should understand the difference between each these technologies are important.

OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode)

This organic light emitting diode helps to display the picture. This is latest technology does not use LED backlighting. This is totally different technology in contrast with LED LCD TV.

If you look for best picture quality go for OLED. But you should pay more to get this.

QLED (Quantum-dot Light Emitting Diode)

This is nothing but used the same LED LCD backlighting technology. Additionally, this using Quantum-dots to produce better picture quality. Quantum-dots do not make their own light instead using the same LED backlights.

Samsung only offer QLED technology, LG and Sony offer OLED technology.

LED (Light Emitting Diode)

Everyone is familiar with this LED LCD technology. Just using LED back-lights to emit the lights which used to produce the picture.

4K UHD LED TV can deliver the better picture quality with decent budget.

So, if you no concerns about spending more money, just go for OLED technology. QLED is intermediate between OLED and LED. QLED gives better picture quality than LED but could not match with OLED. OLED always win the competition with QLED.

There is no competition between LED and OLED. If you are looking for budget TV, you can definitely go for LED, this will never disappoint you with their picture quality.

2. Do not go for small size TV

TV size is important spec you should consider.  Bigger size TV will always satisfy you, and it give beauty to your home.

If small size TV (Example, 55-inch TV) offers more features but bigger size TV (Example, 65-inch TV) offers some less features compared to smaller one, also cost are in same range. Then do not thing about the smaller TV with more feature, just go for bigger screen size TV.  Eventually this will satisfy you, features do not.

Important Note: You should consider your living area, before deciding on TV size. Example: you should sit in the range between 4.6 to 6.9 feet if you get 55-inch TV. For 65-inch it should be 5.4 to 8.1 feet. The closer in this range you will get the better experience, moving further will reduce the benefits of 4K Ultra HD TVs.

This seating distance is varying to older HD TV models.  Above ranges apply to 4K UHD TVs.

3. Do not listen what storeroom salespeople is saying

Salespeople always trying only to find the way to sell their products, they do not know about the technical part involves in TVs. Instead of listening what salespeople says, do some research in online, get the ideas about important features, also read the user reviews, and get the key points from what most of the people says. This will really help you to go for what you want. Go to showroom after understand about TV technically. Also shortlist few models in your investigation stage itself.

4. Do not review TVs in storeroom

Showroom TVs are displayed demo mode, so they give the bright and attractive picture contrast that perfectly suits to the showroom. You some really good quality video runs on it, so you will easily be mesmerized with that and attracts you to go for it.  You will not get the same mode after you installed the TV at your home.

Thing is you should not review feature like picture quality, audio quality, extra new feature sets. Is related to first point. Salesperson can easily brainwash you to buy the TV.

Just look the TV physical appearance like TV size, panel thickness, remote. Also try to operate it to know how you feel convenience while handling it, also check out the price which comes in you budget, discounts, and warranties.

5. Do not think about new features, and wrong specs

You would never use most of the features in your lifetime. So do not decide on any TV because of that model has this feature unless you really use that feature. Specification and feature sets are not matter, just go for the basic and useful specifications.

Example:  Local Dimming – This gives the pure blacks. I am sure you would not see the real difference between pure black and grey while watching movies. Local Dimming just help to get the pure black in picture.

6. Do not go for 8K TVs.

Do not even think about 8K TV as of now. 4K TV are more than enough at least for next few years.

7. Do not go for HDMI 2.1 Port

HDMI 2.0 is enough for watching any currently available content and give great experience.  

HDMI 2.1 only useful for Gaming experience. If you are a gamer, you can go for HDMI 2.1

8. Do not look only major brands like Sony, Samsung, and LG

Do not decide the TV based on brands. There are number of brands for TV industries. We always make mistakes by choosing only big brands.

Recent years, there are some other brands also making competing products which comes in your budget.

Go for the brand which comes under your budget and offer the basic smart TV features. Brand names are does not matter.

9. Aware about TV lifespan

We cannot say the exact lifespan of LED/OLED TVs, since it is an electronics items, it will not long lasting.

Since QLED and OLED are new technologies, we could not give the approximate lifetime. Few years back OLED TVs has burn-in problem, but they addressed the burn problem in latest year models. No one is sure about the other exiting problem in these new technologies, So, it will take some years to judge these technologies.

LED LCD model can long last up to maximum 5 to 10 years or 1,00,000 hours of running. After that TVs picture quality turns less. Keeping back-lighting level less can increase it is lifespan few more years. Also, it depends on your usage, and how you are cleaning the LCD panel.

10. Do not think about Sound System

You cannot expect latest model TVs with good sound system because of everyone opt to thinner LCD panel. So obviously we could not expect good sound system in thinner panels.  Also having large speaker system within TV panel spoils its beauty.

So, you should opt for the external sound system or home theater system to get best audio experience.


I hope this TV Guide helps you to know some basics about the TVs and mistakes we will make while buying TV. Thanks for reading my article. Make wise decision, its all up to you, what you can offer. Enjoy Watching!

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