Top 5 best TV brands in India 2020

If you have plan to buy TV, suddenly one quick question which always come to your mind, which TV brand should i buy and what are all the best in Market? Yes, It is difficult question to answer, because each is best in their own way. So, here I am going to tell best TV brands in India based on current year 2020 market and investigation what i done.

1. Samsung

Samsung is the South Korean company which has been the market leader and most trusted in TV industries for a long time. Because of this it owns the top position in this industry now.

Key Points:

  • Popular for QLED TVs.
  • Not making any OLED TVs.
  • Using Tizen OS developed especially for Samsung TVs.
  • HDR Support. (Samsung names it as HDR10+)
  • Use VA Panel, which is best for color contrast, and dark rooms.
  • Cost will be high compared to other brands but less compared to Sony.

2. Sony

Sony is the Japanese company which has been the most famous for their electronic products. It is most trusted known brand for picture and audio quality.

Key Points:

  • Making best OLED TVs.
  • Using Android TV OS.  This might be the drawback.
  • HDR Support
  • Use VA Panel, which is best for color contrast, and dark rooms.
  • Cost is high.  

3. LG

LG is also the South Korean company and popular brand for making TVs and other electronic products. It holds the third position in the list, but close competition with Sony for second spot. Picture quality is good but still needs improvement compared to Sony and Samsung. This is the main reason this hold the third position. LG TVs are available in some decent budgets.

Key Points:

  • Popular for OLED TVs.  LG is the only manufacturer who makes their own OLED panel, so Sony and other OLED TV companies buys the OLED panel only from LG company.
  • Using Web OS developed especially for LG TVs. This is the best OS with rich UI experience only made for LG TVs.
  • HDR10 Support (LG names it as HDR Pro)
  • Use IPS Panel. It is also another great advantage of LG.  It has wider viewing angle, and best for brighter rooms.
  • Cost will be less compared to Sony and Samsung.

4. Panasonic

Panasonic is the Japanese company which currently producing Sanyo brand in India. This brand also competing with top 3 (Samsung, Sony, and LG). Picture quality is also quiet good compared other brands.

Key Points:

  • Using My Home Screen OS upgraded version of Firefox OS. 
  • HDR Support
  • Use IPS Panel like LG
  • Cost will be less compared to Sony and Samsung.

5. Vu

Vu is the Indian brand, which offers best budged TV in recent years. This hold this position because of the lower price budgeted brands available in markets. If you could afford more money, you can go with this brand which produce decent TVs.

Key Points:

  • Lowest Price
  • Smart TV features
  • Android TV OS
  • Picture quality is low compared to other top brands.


I have just given key points to remember and listed the top 5 best TV brands in India in 2020. Because there are some other budgeted brands available in markets which are TCL, Hisense (which are popular outside India), MI, and Micromax. You could also look into that they are also equally competing with budgeted TV brands.

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