Download Free Microsoft Office! Get Microsoft Office Web/Online! No Cracks Required!

Microsoft Office Free Download, Use MS Office WebWeb

Download Free Microsoft Office! Get Microsoft Office Web/Online! No Cracks Required!


Microsoft Office is one of the common software which present in everyone’s computer that can be either personal or work or business purpose. This MS Office software includes applications like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, One Note etc. Installing MS office software enough to use the all the application which above said, no need to install each application separately.

This software is the paid one serves by Microsoft. This paid version is fine to use for work and business people in their organization. But what about the people who use this for their personal and education use. They will not ready to get the paid version and looking to get Microsoft Office software for free of cost.  Few laptops brands will offer MS office software while purchase. Still most of the people don’t have clue to get the free version of Microsoft Office. Even few people will try to get cracks to install MS Office. In this article, I will list few ways to get free version of MS Office in right way.  

Here we see few ways to get the MS office software for free of cost.

  1. Get using educational/school account
  2. Get 30-day free trial
  3. Use MS Office Online/Web Portal (Cloud Version)

How to Get Free MS Office using School Account?

You can get the free version of MS Office when your present in educational organization you can be either Student, Staff, or faculty. But you need the valid school email address of you, and most importantly your educational organization should register with MS Office first. Its all your luck to get the organization register mail address.

If you have the valid school email address, get the software through this link.

How to get the 30-day free trial?

It’s very easy to get the free trial of MS office. To get the free trial, you need to signup using your valid email address, it can be your personal Gmail address.

Note: After 30-day of free trial, you need to pay to use.

MS Office Web/Online Portal for Free (MS Office Cloud)?

This would be the best way to get MS Office free of cost for lifetime. There no setup file downloads required, simply you can use all the Office applications like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook etc… in online using you registered account in online portal. Everything will be available in cloud.

How to Get the MS Office Web Portal?

Step 1: Go the following link, and Click the button Use free at

Step 2: Create new account,

Create new account in Microsoft

Proceed the steps to create the new account by providing your valid personal email address (this can be your Gmail address or any others like Yahoo, Outlook).  You will be asked to verify the mail address, so its important to use the valid email address. Once completed the account creation, that’s it. You will be redirected to your MS Office Web Portal.

Step 3: After you signed up, you will be redirected to your portal where you can find the applications like Word, Excel, PowerPoint.

Microsoft Office Web Portal Home View

How to Use Word Application?

Here we see how to start use Word application in your Web Office Portal.

Step 1: Click Word Icon to open the Word application.

Microsoft Word Application Icon

Step 2: Create new blank document by clicking the + icon

Create New Blank Word Document

Step 3: Now, new document will be opened, here you can do all the things like offline installed MS office word application.

Step 4: You can start use the document by entering the words. This will be auto saved to OneDrive cloud.  That’s it.

Test Document

How to Download the Word Document from Cloud to Local Drive use Offline?

You can download the document to use offline.

Just Go to File -> Save As -> Download a Copy -> Download.

This will download the word document file from OneDrive cloud to your local drive location. You can then use that file to share via emails, or another keep that files to store safe in your personal hard disk.

Download word document to local drive

You can use this document anytime and anywhere, only required is internet and remember your registered office account credentials.

Advantages of Using MS Office Web Portal:

  1. Get it for free of cost with limited cloud storage space.
  2. No software installation required
  3. Everything available in cloud, so you can access your documents from anywhere, no need to keep your personal computer in hand.
  4. No need of software update

Disadvantages of Using MS Office Web Portal:

  1. There are no real disadvantages from my point of view, few people feel difficulty to use application in web compared with offline.

Alternates for MS Office

There are lots of alternate software for MS Office available in markets which many people unaware, Also, most of it available in both Windows and MAC Find here some of those,

  1. FreeOffice
  2. LibreOffice
  3. WPS Office
  4. iWork
  5. Calira
  6. OfficeSuite
  7. Polaris Office
  8. OnlyOffice
  9. Word Perfect
  10. Apache OpenOffice

People can choice any of the above, most of them available for free of cost unlike MS Office but has all the functions like MS Office.


I hope this article help people who are looking to download Microsoft Office for free to use for personal purpose.  There are no other ways to get the free version of MS office offline software, so would be better to create new account of MS office online and use the Web Portal.

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