Facebook videos keep buffering in OnePlus Mobile

Facebook videos keep buffering in OnePlus Mobile

Recent times, we are forced to face the problem in playing Facebook videos in Facebook mobile app which keeps buffering continuously without playing while using with OnePlus mobile or Android mobiles. Most of the people likely get the problem only after they did recent OnePlus OxygenOS 10.3 update. After this OS update, Facebook videos start to keep buffering continuously in Facebook mobile app.

We might think this is because of mobile internet connection problem, but not same problem happens in high speed internet connection also.

Also, this is not a problem in OnePlus OS update or your OnePlus mobile, the real problem is with Facebook Mobile App. And there is not permanent solution to fix this video buffering issue until Facebook Mobile App gives update to this fix.

Till that we have few workarounds to follow which everyone familiar with already,

Few ways to address video buffering issue

1. Clear Facebook app storage

  • Follow Settings -> Apps & Notifications -> Select Facebook app in recent opened apps or see all apps -> Storage & cache -> Clear Storage
  • This will clear the Facebook app’s data permanently, which will clear you Facebook user logins, empty the cache data other Facebook settings.
  • That’s it, now you can open the Facebook App, and you can see the Facebook video are playing perfectly based on your internet speed.
  • You asked to re-login to Facebook mobile app.

Note: This will work for some hours later you will face the same Facebook video buffering problem again, so you should repeat the above workaround again.If above one does not work, try to Force Stop the Facebook App

2. Follow Settings -> Apps & Notifications -> Select Facebook app in recent opened apps or see all apps -> Force Stop

After the you need to open and re-login the Facebook app.

3. If 1st and 2nd does not work, uninstall and reinstall the Facebook App through Play Store.Use

4. Use Facebook Lite App.

You don’t face video buffering issue in Facebook Lite.  This is minimal version of Facebook with smaller in size and UI. Facebook Lite have all common features of Facebook App.

5. Use Facebook in mobile browser.


Note: Make sure you have chosen Video Autoplay settings when on Mobile data and Wi-Fi Connections.

How to Autoplay Facebook Videos while Scrolling?

  • Under Setting & Privacy Tab, Settings -> Media and Contacts -> Autoplay
  • Choose when to Autoplay videos.


The above solutions are not permanent, it’s all the workaround which gives the temporary fix. So, you don’t have other option until Facebook give permanent fix for video buffering issues with OnePlus or Android mobile. I hope you are now clear about who to blame this issue, there is no use in keep complaining in OnePlus community too. Better report this error with Facebook community.

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