Neo QLED vs QLED! Which is the best? Is Neo QLED wins over OLED?

Neo QLED vs QLED Which is the best? Comparison

Neo QLED vs QLED! Which is the best? Is Neo QLED wins over OLED?

Now a days people are getting confuse to hear the new terminology when they are looking for Samsung TVs.  Samsung has introduced their new 2021-year TV models by terming Neo QLED TVs. However, that is different from the tech they have produced TVs in earlier years refer just QLED. So, the technology growing day by day rapidly as an effect we are getting the improved version of electronic products year after year. Who knows when this will be going to end? But as an end-user switching to the latest tech will always be a wise decision. In this article, I will explain what is Neo QLED TV and how it is different from QLED TV, the main difference between Neo QLED vs QLED and Neo QLED is better than OLED.

As we already knew, there are multiple TV technologies available in today’s market like LED, QLED, OLED, NanoCell TV, Crystal TV and so many. Moreover, now Neo QLED.

Moreover, the common thing between Neo QLED and QLED Tech is both using LED backlighting to emit the lights to produce the picture.

So, the tech used in Neo QLED and QLED is the same LED backlighting. However few difference between Neo QLED and QLED exists. Why does Samsung use this terminology for their latest 2021-year TV models?

Here is my answer.

What is Neo QLED TV?

As the name refers, Neo QLED TVs are the next version of QLED TVs with some enhancement. So, what could that be? Neo QLED uses mini-LEDs for backlighting that placed directly behind the panel. These mini-LEDs are smaller than traditional LEDs that used in QLED TVs, so we can fit more LEDs and make smaller groups of dimming zones give better light control and contrast ratio.


What is QLED TV?

QLED is an abbreviation of Quantum Dots LED TV.

QLED uses quantum dots nanocrystals to illuminate the colors like red, blue, and green. These nanocrystals have placed as a layer directly behind/edge of the LCD panel. In contrast to Neo QLED, it used traditional LEDs for backlighting, so it is bigger in size.


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Neo QLED vs QLED Comparison

Let’s see the comparison table between Neo QLED vs QLED.


Neo QLED TVs have introduced in the market by Samsung in the 2021 year.

QLED TVs have been available in the market since 2017.
Technology UsedSame as QLED.Quantum-Dots LED Technology

LED (Light Emitting Diode) Backlighting is used to produce the light/picture.  
What makes both different?Mini LED particles are used for backlighting.

Mini LED particles have been placed directly behind the panel.  

It is very tiny compared to traditional LED.   So, it is the new generation enhanced version of QLED.
Traditional LED particles are used for backlighting.

Use Quantum dots to improve the picture quality.

It is the enhanced version of LED LCD TV.
Picture QualityPicture Quality is improved greatly in Neo QLED.Neo QLED has better picture quality than QLED.
Panel TechnologySame as QLED.VA Panel  

Samsung QLED TVs use VA (Vertical Alignment) Panel.
Viewing AngleSame as QLED.Because of using VA panel, its viewing angle is less compared to IPS.
HDR Color ContrastColor contrast is better than QLED because of more LEDs and this makes more dimming areas.  

But it couldn’t match with OLED and it is the best in the market still.
Color contrast is greater for HDR content
Suited AmbienceIdeal for nighttime, it produces darker than QLED TVs.VA panels produce dark black, perfect to watch movies in the darkroom, nighttime.

Lesser dark compared to Neo QLED.
Screen SizeNeo QLED TVs are available from 50-inch to 85-inch sizes.QLED TVs are available from 32-inch to 85-inch sizes.
ResolutionsAvailable in 4K and 8K resolutions.Available in 4K and 8K resolutions.
Full-Array Local DimmingAll Neo QLED is full-array local dimming.QLED higher-end models support Full Array Local Dimming, so lights will directly be coming through the panel from behind. This produces the best contrast and darkest blacks.  

QLED lower-end models are edge backlighting, so lights are coming from the edges.
Supported FeaturesNo DifferenceNo Difference
Model Number ReferenceNeo QLED TVs ranges refer to using “QN” in model number rather than “Q”.Usually, Samsung QLED TVs ranges are referring to using “Q” in the model number.

This might vary from different brands.
Other ManufacturesFew other brands also are making Neo QLED TVs.

Those are LG, TCL, HiSense, and Philips.

Some brands referrs to it as Mini-LED.
Some other brand like TCL, OnePlus, MI also makes QLED TVs.  
Neo QLED vs QLED Comparison Table

Is NEO QLED wins over OLED?

The answer is No.

The OLED, completely different and advanced technology and it produce far better picture quality than Neo QLED.


From the above comparison, we can clearly understand Neo QLED is the enhanced version of QLED that offers better picture quality than traditionally QLED TV. Traditional QLED TV models are widely available in the market, however, you couldn’t find many Neo QLED.

QN90A and QN85A are the two Samsung Neo QLED Models currently available in the market.

QN90A comes in 50-, 55-, 65- and 85-inch sizes. QN85A comes in 55, 65, and 85 inches.

50-inch QN90A price starts from INR 99990, and 55-inch QN85A price starts from INR 160990.

Traditional QLEDs are cheaper than the Neo QLED versions. If you are looking for greater picture quality and can offer price than better, you can go with OLED TVs instead of Neo QLED. Because if we compared Neo QLED with OLED, OLED still wins the battle.

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