55 inch vs 65 inch TV – Which TV Size is best to go?

55 inch vs 65 inch TV feature image

55 inch vs 65 inch TV – Which TV Size is best to go?

Most of us get confused while thinking about the perfect TV size that is best for us. What would be the best TV size either 55 inch or 65 inch TV? This is a tricky question, and the answer will not be the same for all. Hence I thought to address the question by comparing the key aspects of 55 inch vs 65 inch TV. It will help you to figure out the TV size to go either 55 inch or 66 inch TV that suites for your need.

Here, I will explain some key aspects that should be considered to figure out the TV size that suits us.

TV screen measurements

The basic you should know about the TV size, and how the TV screen size is calculated and what basis it mentioned as 55 inch or 65 inch TV.

Most people understood it as 55 inches TV name suggested it has a dimension of 55 inches width, and 65 inches TV has a dimension of 65 inches width and the difference between the two TVs is 10 inches. This is how our instinct reacts if someone says 55 inch TV or 65 inch TV. But this understanding is totally wrong.

So, what is the right measurement, and how it is measured? Here is the answer,

The fact is TV’s inches are measured diagonally from the top edge of one end to the bottom edge of the opposite end.

Hence if you measure the distance using tape diagonally from one edge at the top to the opposite edge of the bottom, you will get the exact TV size in inches. Refer to the below screen,

55 inch vs 65 inch TV Screen size diagonally measured
55 inch vs 65 inch TV Screen size diagonally measured

So, the 65 inches TV has a TV screen width of 56 inches only which is approximately 9 inches less than what it says. Same for 55 inches, this has 48 inches width that is approximately 7 inches less than what it says.

Check out the actual measurements below,

TV Measurements55 Inch TV65 Inch TV
Diagonal55 inches65 inches
Width48 inches56 inches
Height26.9 Inches31.9 Inches
Actual TV measurements

Note: Actual width and height will vary to some 0.1 to 1 inch from brand to brand. So, I have used average numbers.

Viewing Distance

The other important key factor to decide the suitable TV size is the viewing distance between the place where you are seated and the place where TV is placed. 

Viewing Distance Measurements
Viewing Distance Measurements

Check the following table which guides the recommended viewing distance based on TV screen size and TV type (HD and 4K Ultra HD).

Screen sizeViewing Distance
Viewing Distance
(4K Ultra HD TV)
55 inches6.9 to 11.5 feet4.6 to 6.9 feet
65 inches8.1 to 13.5 feet5.4 to 8.1 feet
Viewing Distance

As per the TV buying guide, it is recommended to keep the TV at a viewing distance to get the best viewing experience.

So, if you are looking 55 inch HD TV, make sure you have a room/hall area to maintain the distance of 6.9 feet to 11.5 feet. But for a 55 inch 4K UHD TV, the recommended viewing distance is between 4.6 feet to 6.9 feet.

65 inches TV has viewing distance is slightly higher than 55 inches screen. Hence, 4K UHD has recommended viewing distance of 5.4 feet to 8.1 feet, and HD TV has 8.1 feet to 13.5 feet.

Therefore, before deciding the TV Screen size you want, we should measure the available area from your seating position to your TV position.

Based on the measured area,

  • If the distance lesser the 6.9 feet, you should go to 55 inches UHD TV.
  • else if the distance longer than 6.9 feet, you can go 65 inches UHD TV.

Tip: 4K UHD TV viewing distance is less compared to 1080 HD TV. You can prefer to go 4K UHD TV since HD is outdated in recent years.

An ideal place to keep 55 inch or 65 inch TV

Living Room or Hall is the ideal choice to place bigger TV because we might have a larger area. So, 65 inches or above will be the best option.

Whereas smaller rooms like bedrooms can have smaller size TV because you might not have the recommended viewing distance here. So, 55 inches will suit best to smaller rooms.

Budget and Price

Finally, you come to the budget part, so it is an important thing to decide what price they can spend maximum on TV. Deciding budget will filter out 50% percent of your options. There are TVs available in the market from cheapest to costliest. So, decide the price which you can afford to buy the TV is the key factor.

Higher screen size price will be higher. So, 65 inches TV is always costlier than 55 inches TV under the same brand.

You can’t find cheaper 65 inch or 5 inch TVs in well-known Sony, Samsung, and LG brands. But there are some budget brands like TCL, Hisense, One Plus, MI, and Vu available in markets that offer TVs in moderate price ranges. You can check the best brands here.

Features will be almost similar when compared to 55 inches and 65 inches TVs of similar brands. So, there would be nothing we can differentiate in features. More number of features directly proportional to price. If prices are higher then the features will be rich.

Keep in mind that budgeted brands offer only moderate features and picture quality will not be great when compared with top brands.

Number of HDMI Port

You might find the number of HDMI ports differ between 55 inches TV and 65 inches TV. Most of the 55 inches and above TV have HDMI ports 3 or 4.

55 inches TV might have 3 HDMI ports, in contrast to 65 inches which offers 4 HDMI ports.

Some models have 4 HDMI ports in both 65 inches and 55 inches TV. It might differ from brand to brand. This is the reason I have considered the number of HDMI ports under this topic. So, one should be aware of this before deciding on the TV screen size.

55 inch vs 65 inch TV Comparison Table

Let summarize the key factors to consider before deciding between 55 inches and 65 inches TV screen in this comparison table.

Comparison Factors55 inches65 inches
TV Screen SizeThe actual width of 55 inches screen is less than 7 inches from what it says.  

55 inches come when we measure the screen diagonally.  

So, screen width 48 inches, and height 26.9 inches.  
The actual width of 65 inches screen is less than 9 inches from what it says.  
65 inches come when we measure the screen diagonally.  

So, the screen width is 56 inches, and the height 31.9 inches.  

Hence, it’s important to measure and visualize the wall area that will occupy the TV.
Viewing DistanceThe recommended viewing distance of 55 inch TV is between 4.6 and 6.9 feet.  The recommended viewing distance of 65 inch TV is between 5.4 to 8.1 feet.  

Hence, it’s important to measure the viewing distance.
Budget and Price55 inches TVs are cheaper than 65 inches TV under the same brand.  65 inches TV is always costlier than 65 inches TV under the same brand.  
Number of HDMI Ports3 or 4 HDMI Ports vary from the brand.3 or 4 HDMI Ports vary from the brand.
Ideal PlaceSmaller Rooms with less viewing distance.Hall/Living Rooms with larger viewing distance.
Viewing ExperienceViewing experience will be lesser when compared to larger TVs.  The viewing experience will be greater and you will get more satisfaction to have larger TVs.
55 inch vs 65 inch TV Comparison Table

Final Verdict – 55 inch vs 65 inch – Who wins?

I hope the discussed factors help you to decide the TV size which you want to go either 55 inch or 65 inch TV. It’s all up to your own decision and requirement suits as per your need. So, considering the above factor surely make you take the wise decision. In conclusion, the larger the size, the greater the viewing experience and you get more satisfaction. So, it is wise to go with 65 inches TV from the budget you can afford.
My recommendation is if you have a choice to go for any 55 inch or 65 inches TV, then go for 65 inch TV without a second thought, even though 55 inch TV offers more features than a 65 inch TV. The reason is larger TV will give you more satisfaction and happiness always. You might forget about missing features in compared to smaller TV soon.

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