WhatsApp Upcoming Features

WhatsApp Upcoming Features

WhatsApp frequently updating the app to give more useful features to their users. They recently released some feature called fingerprint authentication, continuous voice messages, frequently forwarded, and enhanced some security and privacy features for Android and iOS users.

They have planned some more useful features in this 2019 year. Here those are,

  1. Multi-platform support for WhatsApp: This allows users can use the app at different platform simultaneously.
  2. Make WhatsApp calls using Google Assistant – This will make users can use Google assistant to make WhatsApp audio and video calls by just saying “Hey Google, WhatsApp video <contact-name>”. Earlier Google assistant works for sharing WhatsApp text messages.
  3. WhatsApp for iOS to support audio playback in notifications: This feature allows user to play the audio which sent via the notification pop-up without opening the app. This will also not send the play receipt, only sent once opens WhatsApp.
  4. WhatsApp web albums: What’s mobile can club the images or videos when someone send multiple items. But this will not happen in WhatsApp Web. Soon this will work on web too.
  5. Boomerang videos for WhatsApp: Soon we will see Instagram Boomerang video option in WhatsApp.
  6. Dark Mode: This will make easier to use WhatsApp in night.
  7. Memoji Stickers: Support for Memoji stickers will come sooner.
  8. Sharing Status to Facebook: This will allow users to share the WhatsApp status to Facebook post.

Check out WhatsApp Supported and Unsupported Versions of Android and iOS in below link,


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