Google Search Algorithm new updates! User Experience will be Focus!

Google Search Algorithm new updates! User Experience will be Focus!

Most of the times, we are always feeling weird about Google Search Algorithm and how they are ranking your sites in the search results? what are all the criteria they are considering as important factors to rank your pages in the search result?

Here we will discuss about the key factors which Google considers in ranking your pages in search results.

Following are the important user experience criteria which Google search is considering as a factor of ranking in search results in recent years.

User Experience Criteria

  1. Page Speed – How fast your page will be rendered?
  2. Mobile Friendly

Note: Recently, Chrome team has introduced the Core Web Vitals tool, which gives set of metrics related to

  1. Page Speed or Loading Time,
  2. Responsiveness, and
  3. Visual Appearance,
  4. Interactivity and Stability of content loads.

This tool helps the site owners to understand the above metrics to improve the User Experience of their site pages.

Google Search Algorithm Updates

Google does the Search algorithm improvements over the time to make the search results accurate and more effective. But what special this time is, Google gives the advanced notice about the improvements.

Below are the key points which are planned to incorporate in new Google Search Algorithm.

Reference to search algorithm updates

Key Points

  1. User’s Page Experience Metrics will be taken into the consideration for ranking search results.
  2. Same User experience metrics considered for Top Stories Features in Search on Mobile.
  3. Remove AMP pages from Top Stories criteria. But Google continues to support AMP pages.
  4. Improve the Google Developer tools.
  5. No immediate change, Not happen before next year 2021.
  6. Google will inform 6 months prior to the roll-out.

What is Page Experience?

The page experience signal measures aspects of how users perceive the experience of interacting with a web page. Optimizing for these factors makes the web more delightful for users across all web browsers and surfaces, and helps sites evolve towards user expectations on mobile. We believe this will contribute to business success on the web as users grow more engaged and can transact with less friction.

This is what Google says in their own words

Following example explains how the user’s page experience should not be,

In above example video, you can see the user was trying to click on “No, go back” button, but because an install bar popup up at the top suddenly appears, it pushed the “No, go back” button down and caused the user to accidentally click on “Yes, place my order” Button.

Everyone hates these kinds of bad users’ experiences.

So, Google is changing the algorithm to avoid these kinds of bad or hated user experience pages that ranks higher in the search results.

Another Important update coming here,

Hereafter brand value will not be the major factors in ranking search results.  See how currently google search algorithm works,

Do you think what site Google wants to rank at the top of search results?

The answer is sites which loves by most of the user’s other words the well-known brand names.

Others factors they considers that sites with best backlinks or google domain scores.


What comes to your mind if you want to buy the TV?

I bet you what, you will say the known brand Sony.

So, your Brand grows, your sites SEO will grow automatically.

But the real problem is most sites do not have large brands and Google knows that. So, what if you do not have one, is this possible to rank at the top?

Answer is, Yes, you can still rank at top. That will be considered as the part of Google’s search algorithm update.

Note: Still brand value will be considered as one of the factors.

Page Basis User Experience

Again, this going to work awesomely for page which seeking traffic growth, but they are not having brand name. Google emphasis on page experience based on their original post.

Because, this Search algorithm focus on page level basis, so if you have best user experience for the page, and that page would be ranked at top easily.

It does not mean that your whole website should not have a good experience, but instead they are going to focus on page basis algorithm. And it would not make sense to reduce the ranking for whole site because of having few poor experience pages and more page with better user experience.

Few ways to improve the page user experience

  1. Improve page speed.
  2. Reduce 400 series errors in your site.
  3. Use Google’s Developer Search Console to check the performance of your sites.
  4. Do comparison with your competitor page’s user experience. You can use website like to analysis about your competitors pages.
  5. Analyse your page designs, make sure which is more convenience to users.
Google Developer Search Console
Google Developer Console


Henceforth Google’s focus will be on User Experience of pages. So, if you want to move your website ranking to be at the top of search results, its time to start work on best user experience pages.  Take the google prior notification as an opportunity an improve you page user experience.

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