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Top 10 mistakes should avoid while buying LED TVs 2020

Recent days it is not that much easy to buy any electronic things, if comes to TV its very difficult job to decide the right one for you home. TV is the most important thing to everyone which next to mobile. It is worth to spend few extra money to buy that TV, really it […]

Technical Technology

Download Free Microsoft Office! Get Microsoft Office Web/Online! No Cracks Required!

Introduction Microsoft Office is one of the common software which present in everyone’s computer that can be either personal or work or business purpose. This MS Office software includes applications like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, One Note etc. Installing MS office software enough to use the all the application which above said, no need to […]


Facebook videos keep buffering in OnePlus Mobile

Recent times, we are forced to face the problem in playing Facebook videos in Facebook mobile app which keeps buffering continuously without playing while using with OnePlus mobile or Android mobiles. Most of the people likely get the problem only after they did recent OnePlus OxygenOS 10.3 update. After this OS update, Facebook videos start […]

Technical Technology

5 ways to Recover Windows Activation Key

Windows Activation Key is a Product ID used to activate the Windows OS installed on your computer. Most of the Windows laptops (it can be any brand Dell, Lenovo, etc..) come with preinstalled Windows OS either Windows 7 (too older), or Windows 8.1, or Windows 10. Recent laptops come with Windows 10 OS. We have […]


Automatic Deletion of WhatsApp Messages will be Coming Soon

WhatsApp has done new feature updates periodically which helps users in the aspect of user experience, security improvements. Also, they are providing frequent update on important bug fixes. There is one important and more useful feature to users which coming soon in their next updates, no exact release date announced, which is featured to delete […]

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Latest WhatsApp Features added in December 2019 Update includes Group Privacy Settings

Here you can find the feature which introduced in latest WhatsApp update which done on December 2nd, 2019. Group Privacy Settings This is one of the useful features, which helps you to restrict people from adding you to groups. Most of the times you face the situation when you would add to group but where […]


Security Precaution should take on WhatsApp

1. Enable Two Step Verification Two Step authentication is nothing, but it second level of authentication will ask you to enter the 6-digit pin code to register your phone number to set up WhatsApp. First you use your phone number, then 6-digit code which you configured. To can enable the two-step authentication feature, Menu (3-dots) […]


WhatsApp Upcoming Features

WhatsApp frequently updating the app to give more useful features to their users. They recently released some feature called fingerprint authentication, continuous voice messages, frequently forwarded, and enhanced some security and privacy features for Android and iOS users. They have planned some more useful features in this 2019 year. Here those are, Multi-platform support for […]


WhatsApp will stop support for Android and iOS older versions

WhatsApp will stop support and don’t have plan to develop app for below older versions of Android and iOS after February 1, 2020. Android versions 2.3.7 and older. iOS 8 and older. For the above operating systems, you can no longer create new accounts, nor reverify existing accounts. However, you’ll be able to continue using […]


OnePlus TV Launched, Specification, Pricing Comparison, Reviews

OnePlus who is familiar with making a Phone now going to launch, the TV. Their first TV Q1 series going to sales on online though Amazon starting price from ₹69,900. Available TV series: OnePlus TV Q1 OnePlus TV Q1 Pro. Release On: 28th September 2019, Time: 12 Noon Note: Prime members can buy through Amazon […]

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